Saturday, March 17, 2007

Before and after

It is a very funny thing you know, to watch baby Luc eat his food. First of all he sits patiently in his highchair. Then he sees Mummy get the bowl and he gets excited and his little legs start jiggling in excitement. Then the spoon full of mushed together pumpkin, spinach and sweet potato gets close to his mouth and he lets out a squeel before devouring the entire spoon. The entire time he eats he makes a happy humming sound. He sometimes gets so excited he rubs the food all over his face and it gets in his nose and eyes and ears. He can eat quite a bit as well and when he is all done he looks at Mummy as if to say......"more please"!!!! Then I help by getting the face cloth and washing the bits of food from him. Sometimes he is so messy he has to have a bath. So very funny.

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