Monday, March 19, 2007

Luc gets baptized!

Yesterday we went to church for Luc to get baptized. Mummy says it is so Luc can be part of God's family. Hmmmmm, I want him in our family I said!!!!! Mummy said that I have been baptized too and it means you can still stay in our family. God is just going to look after him more now. Mummy also said he was secretly hoping that by putting the holy water on his head he may even sleep more!!!!!!That really would be a miracle Daddy said! My favourite part was when they put the water on his head. he didn't cry. He loved it and it cooled him down. Talk about lucky! It was so HOT in the church and it was very hot outside. I was looking at the sink where they wash the babies heads and Jacky boy and I wanted to just jump in and get cool. I like Father Joe as well. He always gives me a "High 5" when I see him at church on Sunday when I go with Nanny and Grandpa! He is funny as well, not as funny as Daddy though!

Aunty Emily, Uncle Carl, Matante Ginette and Mononcle John are Luc's Godparents. Luc is lucky to have 4 godparents. Matante Ginette and Mononcle John are all the way over in Canada so Luc is a very lucky boy to have them to be his godparents as well.

After church we went to a restaurant and had lunch and.........CAKE AND ICE CREAM!!!! Yipeee, I sure do love going to baptizm's!
Here are some pictures, Luc getting ready in his "Big boy" clothes AND he wore shoes for the first time ever.

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