Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sandpit and stuff

It's been a while I know! I have been ever so busy. Daddy is home and not working so we have been having lots of fun. Going to the dumped by a big huge wave and swallowed more water than I really would have liked and hope to never swallow that much ever again....not nice! Kindy is great fun. Started swimming lessons again and so far that is good fun as well. Luc is ever so cute, not to mention very, very funny AND starting to sleep....wooohooo!!!!!

Here is a picture of my new sandpit that daddy clever is he!!!! I have been spending a lot of time in there.

Bye for now



1 comment:

yazan said...

That's Creative!! :) but I was wondering what the right empty side of the sandpit is used for..
(Ps: I hate swallowing water too :( )