Saturday, February 17, 2007

Package from Memere and Pepere

A package came for me today!!! Wow, I was so excited and I knew it was from Memere and Pepere. It was a Valentines Day present!!!! I am so lucky to have such a lovely Memere and Pepere that send me packages all the time, it makes me think of them lots and lots because I miss them so much. I love my little bag, stickers and beautiful pink t shirt and socks. Yesterday it was raining and I had to get ready for kindy and guess what.......none of my sneakers fit, my feet had grown TOO big!!!! So , Mummy had to buy me some new sneakers for my TOO big feet because I can't wear sandals in the rain, because my TOO big feet would get wet! SO, my lovely new socks with the litle red hearts (my gift) look very very cute in my new sneakers. Don't you think!!

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