Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tea Party Time

Yesterday was a rainy kind of cold day.....not like a summery day at all. I decided to have a tea party with my friends Gloria(teddy) and Daisy(baby). First I had to make muffins, I made choc chip muffins with marshmallows) I added the marshmallows in at the last moment and they turned out really yummy. Luc watched me and said the odd "coo" and "ahh" and "goo".

Yep, he got that right, the mixture did look like goo!!! When the muffins were cooking I set the table and Mummy had a good idea about putting a vase of flowers on the table. So I went out to pick the flowers from our garden.

I picked the frangipani's and when I brought them in Mummy said that they were her favourite flowers and that they remind her of when we were in Hawaii with Memere, Pepere, Ginette, John and Justin. SO I closed my eyes and sniffed and guess does smell just like Hawaii and makes me miss them more and more. I miss Daddy too but least he is back home in 3 sleeps.


yazan said...

Awwww. that's so cute.. Finally found a blog that's actually worth reading everyday. I love your stories Sophie. I had some yummy choc chip muffins myself as well. They made them here at home and they were a bit bigger than expected but they were eatable ;).. bet urs were way better. Hope you accept me as a new frd because I would come back for a visit whenever I have time for internet..

Love Yazan

(p.s: Hope your dad gets you some new friends for Gloria and Daisy)

Anonymous said...

HI Sophie,
i know for a fact those choc chip muffins were SO yummy. We ate the last one yesterday and we want some more. You will have to come over to our house again and make some muffins with Aunty Jane and Pascal.
See you soon,
Jane xxxxxx