Friday, February 16, 2007

Will and Me

My friend Will came over last week for a play. Will is 5 so he is bit older than me and he goes to pre school not kindy like me because he already did kindy last year. Anyway, we had a good time playing with playdough and playing in the pool and Mummy made choc chip cookies for us......yippeee! They were very yummy. However I am starting to see the difference between girls and boys. For some reason Will was not really into playing "mummies and daddies and babies" and that was even after I said he could be whoever he wanted to be, THEN he really did not want to watch "The Little Mermaid" as he much preferred "Sharktale"! BUT, we still had lots of fun AND we both have baby brothers and they were born 12 days apart!!!!! Although, I have heard that baby Harry sleeps all night long.....hmmmm wonder what that would be like to have your baby brother sleep all night long.....

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