Sunday, April 22, 2007

Soaking up the Sunday sun!

We had a busy and noisy household last night. Mummy and Daddy had lots of their friends over for a BBQ and I had Riley and Kai to play with as well. It was good fun. I stayed up until 9pm!!!!!!!! Yeah, been a little bit grumpy today. Daddy's not feeling too great either......hmmm too may Mooseheads Mummy says! Michelle played Cello and Nigel sang and daddy played guitar and I played my very own "maracas" that I made from a tennis ball cannister and some rice! Also, Michelle and Nigel have asked me to be their 'flowergirl' at their wedding next January!!!! Wow!! I am very excited about that. I get to be a princess for the day. I can hardly wait! That is very cool (my new favourite word!!!!)

So here is daddy (with his hurting head!!!) hanging on the hammock with baby Luc and soaking up the morning sun!

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