Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8 months old

Today I am 8 months old exactly and what a difference a month makes! I am pleased to announce I have only been waking 2 times in the night. I go to bed at 6pm and wake twice somewhere between 6pm and 7am. The rest of my family are very pleased about this also, mostly Mummy of course as she is the one who gets up to tend to my demands! Daddy is away working at the moment but he comes home every Friday.

Ok, now for the biggest news......guess what I got for my 8 month birthday......a tooth!!! Yes, you can barely see it but you can feel the little sharp jaggedy edge. Boy did that hurt when it broke through....and apparently there are more to come!!!

I wasn't very well on the weekend. I had a bad tummy bug and threw up a lot and also went through a lot of nappies...(sorry if that is too much information!) Poor me, it's my first tummy bug and I was kind enough to share it with Daddy but so far I haven't shared it with Mummy and Sophie. It's good to share, so I am told constantly by Sophie.

I have to go to the baby clinic tomorrow to get checked out by the nurse. She just needs to measure me and ask Mummy lots of questions about my development.

Like, do I crawl....NO, not yet,

Do I roll over....Yes, can roll my way across a room and am sure I could go even further if someone would just move the walls out the way.
Do I speak......YES, can say mumumumumu and da da da. Actually could say da da da before I could say mumumum. Mummy says it is because da da da is much easier to say but Daddy says it is because Daddy's are more special????? Yes, we all know who is right there don't we!!!

Do I eat......oh yes, whatever is on offer. Bit off my milk at the moment though. Probably just too full from the the lovely meals mummy makes.

Do I respond to my name....Yes, all the time.

Can't think what else she will ask but I am sure she will be impressed with me. (that's if mum doesn't tell her that I have only just stopped waking 27 times a night.......I don't think she will very happy about that!
Here is a photo of me trying to crawl, just can't seem to get further than this position.....
Bye Bye love Luc

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