Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dancing with Sophie

Yes, it has started. I am pulled and stretched in every direction. I sit next to her and play dolls houses for ages....actually I don't really play as much as 'destroy', oh yes, and then I get in trouble with her for 'messing everything up'.
I have even had pink headbands, ribbons and necklaces placed on me and here in this photo, I am having my first..."ballet" lesson!!!! THEN, she tells Mummy, I can't wait till Luc is big enough for 'playing dress ups', I can put him in my purple tutu! AAAHHHHHHH, somebody please give me a footy or a truck or something I can hammer!!! I might only be 8 months old but I am not really into all this girly stuff. I much prefer playing with little cars and turning them over to figure out how the wheels work. I love to bang things on the ground and put everything in my mouth and slobber all over it and try out my 2 new teeth, see how much chewing I can do before I get busted and the item is ripped from me so fast I scream.

Anyway, one good the health clinic check up the other day the clinic nurse measured me and said I was 69 cm long and that wait for it.......I am going to be tall!!!!! I am 5 whole cm taller than Sophie was at the same age as me now!!!!! What the??? Apparently I have been born into a family of shorties so this news was a great surprise. However Mummy says I must take after Pepere, he has the height in the family. I am so glad because you know what that means.......the purple tutu won't fit me after all!!!!!!! Yippeee

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