Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh, the Cuteness!!

I am a really good help looking after my baby brother. I know this because Mummy and Daddy always tell me so. I love to make him laugh because he sounds just so cute. Whenever I hear him wake up from his sleep I always go in and keep him company or play with him till Mummy is 'ready' to get him out of his bed!!!! Usually I just sit by his cot and we hold hands through the bars but today I decided to get in the cot and lie down and give him cuddles and read stories. We stayed like this for 20 minutes before Luc got sick of me and wanted Mummy but Mummy was happy as she got the dinner cooked and tha vacuuming done in that time plus when she walked in to the room she was overcome by the cuteness of it all!!!!!! (what does that mean?????)

love Sophie


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