Monday, June 04, 2007

We all went to the football yesterday. We saw East Perth play West Perth and they got beaten (badly beaten) BUT, it was such good fun. The best fun of all was when the siren went at each quater and we got to run onto the oval and kick the football around. Lots of people were on the oval and there were footballs flying everywhere. My friend Ella and her little brother Hudson were there and so was Jacky-boy and Aunty Emily.
Luc had fun too, brushing up on his football knowledge and studying the the 'stats' magazine on all the players. (see the photo) He was so funny. He loved the footy as well. He sat in his pram like a good little boy and watched and then had a little nap. When he woke up a woman was sitting in his view of the game and he was very vocal in letting us know he couldn't see anymore so we had to move him so he could see and then he was happy.
You can see in the photos. Daddy playing with Jacky Boy and me and then Ella, Jack and I with Aunty Em at the fence waiting to fly the flag when East Perth got a goal.....(we had to wait a lobg time for that!!!!!) So it was a great day and Ella's Daddy bought us all an ice cream. Ella's mummy had another baby last week, a little boy called Lincoln and he is so cute.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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