Monday, June 11, 2007

Daddy goes to Kindy!!

Daddy did 'kindy roster' on Friday afternoon. He is only the second Daddy to come to do the roster. It just means they are the helper for the afternoon. He was a really really good helper and so so funny. All the kids liked my daddy because he had to talk about his work and when he said he was....'kind of like spiderman', well, that really got everybody's attention. Even I learnt something about what daddy does. He really is very clever as not many people can do his work. All along when someone asked me what daddy did, I use to just say, he climbs stuff!!! Now I can say, he is just like 'SPIDERMAN'!!!!!! It gets a much better reaction!
Daddy had fun at Kindy, he liked meeting all my friends and talking to my teacher but best of all, I LOVED that he was there and can't wait for him to come again.
Here is the photos I took to kindy of my 'spiderman' daddy, the only difference is that my daddy uses ropes to climb with and 'spiderman' spins his own web!!!! But that is really the only difference. Oh yeah, and he doesn't wear a spiderman outfit, he has to wear overalls. Yep, that's it, only 2 differences otherwise exactly the same.

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