Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hellooooooo, yes, it has been a while. It's been busy in my world. Just came back from seeing Shrek 3. It is my second time to see it. Today I went with Nanny and it was just as funny as the first time I went with Aunty Emily a couple of weeks ago. We were meant to go to the circus today but we couldn't get a ticket and just as well as it is raining 'cats and dogs' here at the moment. Now, what DOES that mean. Mummy says it all the time, 'it's raining cats and dogs' BUT I sure don't see any cats and dogs coming down from the sky......just lots and lots of rain. We sure need the rain because we don't get much and it makes all the farmers sad because their stuff doesn't grow (not sure what stuff they are talking about) Oh yeah, I remember it is wheat, the wheat doesn't grow if it doesn't rain!!! Yes, I may be only 4.5 years old but I am a bundle of information these days. Question after question after question and lots of how comes and whys thrown in as well!!! Mummy say's I am like a sponge as I absorb information...(gosh, my mum sure does say some strange things, I mean how am I like a sponge. I look nothing at all like 'Spongebob squarepants'!!!
Hmm, what else, I got my 3rd 'star of the day' certificate at kindy. This time I got it for 'always allowing everyone to play with me'!!! Mrs Huggins (my teacher) said I am very caring and it is always nice of me to play with everyone and look after them if they are sad. Mummy said it is a very nice quality to have. What is quality??
Ok, better go, we have lots of people coming over for dinner and Mummy is cooking and cleaning like a mad woman (that's what daddy said) and I think she needs some help. Be back soon.
Love Sophie

Here is a picture of me making soup for my pet caterpillars!

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