Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daddy's away

Hi there,

It's all quiet in the house( apart from the many sounds Luc makes!!!) as daddys' gone away on the plane to work. He is on a ship in the middle of the ocean climbing stuff and fixing stuff and looking at sharks in the water!!! I am really missing him a lot and I still have 9 sleeps to go before he comes home :-( But Mummy says Daddy has to work so that he can make money so that I get to buy new shoes and stuff and Luc can get socks and Sasha the dog gets tennis balls!!!! When daddy comes back I am going to tell him that we dont need to buy Sasha more tennis balls because she just chews them all up anyway, so, now we don't need money for tennis balls, maybe he won't have to work anymore and we can spend more time at the park practising the monkey bars!!!!!! Sometimes I am amazed at how clever I can be!!!

Oh yeah, speaking of clever, guess who is crawling.......no, it's not me (although of course I can and I am very fast at it!!) Luc the wonder boy is crawling......

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