Friday, June 29, 2007

9 months old

Happy 9 months to me! It's that time of the month again and boy what a month I have had!!!! Lot's of new things happened to me........I had my first case of gastro (stomach flu) Whoa, didn't like that too much at all. Spent a day throwing up and having a lot of very bad nappies (sorry mum and dad!) I could still eat but really didn't feel like milk. Even after I recovered I was not drinking my milk as I was a bit lactose intolerant for about 10 days....and now I have become very fussy with my food. Mummy always said I was a "great" eater but Mummy should learn never to brag shouldn't she!!!!! I'm really not crazy about vegetables anymore and instead of eating what is on the end of the spoon I usually flick it off and see how far I can send it. It usually lands on the floor or the wall but I LOVE it when it lands on Mummy.....that always gets the best reaction (yep, not sure if it's a good reaction) I would like to eat apple at every meal if I could and I have noticed that Mummy is getting very clever at 'disguising' my meat and vegetables amongst the apples...hey mummy, look out, I am on to you!!!! I do love to eat vegemite on toast or avocado but just not too keen on anything else but I look like a baby that needs feeding or is lacking in food??????? I don't think so.

I now have 2 little toothy pegs on the bottom row and I love to try out my new teeth. I am getting more teeth for sure as I have had many a painful day trying to chomp and chew on everything and there has been enough dribble and drool running down my chin to fill a bath tub. I really struggle with the whole teething thing, it's really not fun at all. ALSO, I have had a cold for most of this month, runny nose, bad cough etc. Apparantly big sister Sophie brings home all kinds of bugs and sickness from her kindy and shares them with me although she doesn't get sick herself.....have I mentioned how good she is at sharing????? Yep, thanks Sophie!

I am getting a lot more mobile and am now crawling all over the place and into everything...look out world! I get plonked down on the floor with toys around me and I immediately bypass the toys and head straight for the vertical blinds or the heater (it's off, don't worry I won't burn!) I am infatuated with keys, mobile phones and remote controls. What I don't get is why I am not allowed any of these....there seem to be no shortages of remote controls around here, enough to go around. I love to play with cars (toy ones of course) or anything with wheels. I straight away turn the toy upside down and study the wheels, it always looks like I am studying how they work. I can also pull myself up and stand for a long time. It's just so much fun practising all these new things I have learnt.

Now I suppose you are all I sleep better????? Well, I have improved and I was quite good there for a little while but then I got sick and I needed Mummy a lot in the night and of course in she came to cater to my every need and want and now of course I quite liked that, so even though I am better I have taken to waking up a lot and crying for Mummy to come in BUT, she's not doing it as much anymore so I usually just have a little cry and then just go back to sleep by myself. I usually go to bed at 6pm (wake between 3 and 7 times throughout the night, briefly cry) then I wake between 5 or 6 am and then I play in my cot for about 30 minutes before Mummy or Daddy (when he is home) gets me up to start the day. During the day I have 2 naps anywhere between 1 hour - 2.5 hours! Mummy says I am great to go out with and I usually just have a little nap in the car or in my pram if I get tired. Mummy says I am a 'happy tired baby' meaning, when I am very very tired I can still manage to smile and be happy! Actually I am very easy going!

Here are some photos......can you see my hair is growing!

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