Monday, July 02, 2007

A Beautiful Day

Last Thursday Mummy took Luc , Sasha and I to Carine. It is not far away from our house and it is a big big area that has a playground and a lot of bike paths and also HORSES!!!!! Yep, real horses. I rode my bike ALL the way around the whole area and Mummy walked with Luc in the pram and he started throwing his dummy out every few minutes or much so, that I had to ride behind them so I could also help to point out when he had done it so we didn't lose it..... Mummy and I kept laughing when he did it but then after about 25 times we got tired of stopping to pick it up.....not so funny after all!!!

It was a really, really long way and I rode for almost an hour!!!! That's a long time for my little legs! After we played at the playground and visited the horses,

I started to get grumpy.....very very grumpy! I didn't feel like riding my bike or walking it anymore and I felt tired. Poor mummy had to pull me and push Luc and hold Sasha, but it's OK, she is use to working hard after all she is a MUMMY!!!! It was a good day and beautiful and sunny even though it is winter right now.
Don't you think my bike looks so cute in the bike rack!!!! I love my groovy streamers that Memere and Pepere sent me!!!

Here is a picture of me getting really grumpy and not wanting to ride my bike any more.
Bye for now, Sophie

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