Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Landsdale Farm

Yesterday we went to a farm not far from our house. My friends Ella, Hudson, Olivia, Lara and Alice came too. It was great fun but a bit 'smelly" ...especially the pigs!!!
I fed a goat and a little horse.
We also saw a bull, cow, lots of hens and ducks and turkeys. Turkeys really aren't that pretty you know. They have funny looking necks and they make funny sounds too. Turkeys were not my favourite. I loved the little horse, it's not a pony but it is actually a little horse. It is so cute. We had a ride on the wagon.

We went and watched a man make 'damper'. It is made of only flour and water BUT it tastes really really yummy!!! It's kind of strange really because play dough is made from flour and water and that tastes very yucky. But damper is so yummy especially with honey all over it. The man made 'billy tea' as well and he swung the billy around and around and said it makes the tea taste so much better. 'Damper and Billy tea' is what the Australian Pioneers and Bushrangers use to eat a long long time ago when there were no shops or fridges or microwaves and they all lived in the bush and didn't even have houses. Mummy said they only had horses and there were no cars or roads. Mummy makes up funny stories sometimes, I mean, how can there not have been any microwaves??????


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Grandpa said...

Hello Sophie and Luc
We are so glad that you had a great tme with the anmals at Landsdale Farm.
And today, Whoopee!! You have abrand new cousin to play with. Sari Rose is wating to see you both.
I'm sure we will soon see aphoto of you all together.
Love Granpa and Nanny.

Grandpa said...

Hello again,Sophie and Luc
I just checked my last comments and noted some spelling errors. This is sign to you both to make sure you pay attention at school and learn to be good spellers...and also, when you are much oldr,to put your glasses on when you are trying to type on the computer. By that time I suppose typig wi be athing of the past.