Friday, July 13, 2007

My friend Harry

Here I am with Harry. I was just telling him how his blue shirt really brings out his blue eyes and he told me that orange is a great colour for me!
Here he is saying how much he likes my olive complexion ....makes him just feel like squeezing it!!!! Gentle now!

I have been hanging out lately with my little friend Harry. He is 12 days younger than me, so that makes me bigger...right???I really like Harry, he is so fun to be around and he has the cutest blue eyes I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!! I can tell he likes me too, maybe he thinks I have the cutest brown eyes he has ever
seen?????? We have so much in common......we both love to chew on the same toys AND we both love milk AND we like crawling AND we eat the same food.....WOW, what a coincidence! (phew, big word for 9 months old!!) My big sister Sophie likes playing with Harry's big brothers Will and Ollie and all of them love helping our mummy's look after us.
It's going to be so fun growing up and playing with Harry.....our Mummy's were friends in school as well!

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