Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's a boy!

A new cousin has arrived!!!! Aunty Jane and Ian had a new baby boy born on the 4th of July!!!! He arrived 10 days early....just like me!!!! Luc and I are VERY excited, me more than Luc because he is only still a baby and he has no idea what is going on but I am really excited as we are going to meet him today. His name is Cisco! Nanny and Grandpa say he is just gorgeous. He weighed 7 pound 11 oz and has dark hair. Aunty Emily and Uncle Carls' baby will be arriving on July 18th....wonder if that will be a boy as well!!!!! So many boys......oh well....I am still the oldest and I can still play dress ups with them and make them into fairies and princess's because they are younger and they won't care when they are little..........
Back soon with photos

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