Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Sunday was Mothers Day and I was very excited to wake up Mummy so I could give her the lovely gifts I had made for her when I was at Kindy. As you can imagine Mummy was "thrilled" to be woken so early, especially as she had been awake most of he night taking care of that cheeky little brother of mine!!!! Daddy had told me to let Mummy sleep a bit more as he was up getting Luc and I breakfast but I just couldn't wait any longer. So Mummy LOVED my presents and daddy helped me write a card from Luc and I.

Then, in my usual way I was able to turn the day around to be all about me again......Daddy told me that Daisy (my baby) and Amy (my teddy) had put some flowers in a jar for me and were wishing me a 'Happy Mothers Day', that was so cute of them.

We had Nanny, Grandpa, Lally, Aunty Jane and Ian, Uncle Carl and Aunty Em and Jacky Boy over for breakfast. Daddy made Bacon and eggs and Mummy made pancakes with maple syrup. It was good fun. Then we just relaxed a bit in the afternoon, watched football (Eagles lost their first game othe season....:-( and then went for a drive in the car. It was a great day.

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