Thursday, September 13, 2007

Party time!

Sophie has informed me that we are soon having a party at our house and it is all for ME!!! I am going to be a whole year old....WOW, must be a pretty big deal because my friends are coming over to celebrate with me. Sophie tells me......I get to eat CAKE!!! I can hardly wait, she has me so excited. I might even get a present of which she has already informed me that SHE is to help me open it and SHE is allowed to play with it and SHE will help mummy make lolly bags to give to my friends and that it is actually HER friends coming to my party because I really actually don't have many of my OWN friends yet!!! Hmmmmmm, not sure that its "ALL ABOUT ME" after all.

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yazan said...

O wow, I first visited this blog when you were only a week old. Sophie was in control of the blog back then, Now you are almost a year old and have taken over..
Your growing up real fast big boy :) I really like this blog idea and will have one for my kid when I get one as well. I know it has been a while, but it makes me really happy to see that you are still posting. Keep up the good work and say hi to Sophie and the rest of the lovely family.
Yazan - Vancouver
Ps. Happy birthday in 10 days ;)