Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to eat Spaghetti!!!!

Can't get it in fast enough!!! Ooh yum, saving a few bits for later just keeping them hanging from my feet!!!!

This is soooooo yummy. Think i figured out why Mummy takes my clothes off before I eat.....I am a little messy! Why does she even bother with a bib?

Oh no, busted, the camera's in my face again, Can't a guy eat spaghetti in peace??? Why is Sophie laughing at me??? Why is Sasha trying to lick my toes??

How 'bout at a a time.....just for the photo, can't have my avid readers think I have no manners now can I....after all I am turning the "big 1 year old" in 3 sleeps!!!!

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