Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Yesterday was Fathers Day. Daddy loved the photo frame I made him at kindy and he especially LOVED when I gave it to him at 6am after banging on his leg to wake him up!!!! I just couldn't wait any longer! Luc couldn't wait either, in fact he was so keen he had been waking up every 30 minutes since 2am until Mummy gave in and got him up at 5.30am!! Mummy kept telling me to let daddy sleep in but I just could not contain my excitement. Plus I was getting hungry and Mummy was going to make US breakfast in bed. We had french toast and berries and it was d-licious!! I helped. I helped a lot by eating it... ha ha. So breakfast was all done by 7am!!!!! Luc couldn't get on the bed because he would have just destroyed everything, he is really good at that!

It was a beautiful spring day and we went to the garden shop to get some plants and we did lots of gardening and when I say '"WE'", I mean, Mummy and Daddy did lots of gardening. Luc and I played in the dirt and Luc tried to eat snails and he crawled around and got really dirty and played in the little pool for ages....although there was no water in there. It was good fun.

This morning daddy has gone to Singapore to work, but he will be home in 3 sleeps, just a quick trip this time...thank goodness!

Bye Bye

Love Sophie


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