Thursday, August 30, 2007

11 months old

(Playing peek a boo in the cubby at Nanny and Grandpa's house)

Hello there, well, another month down and only one month to go to reach that all important major milestone of......'1 year old'. I am getting so big. I'm not taking any steps yet and don't know what all the fuss about walking is really.....I am SO fast at crawling, in fact I am so fast I practically beat Mummy, Daddy and Sophie in races around the house...and THEY are walking!!!! I do like to stand up though and hold onto furniture and walk around it AND I just LOVE to dance!!!!! ANY kind of music, the second I hear it I start rocking up and down. Mummy says it makes for interesting visits to the shopping centre, I sit in the trolley and bop the whole time.

Lately my favourite game is "peek a boo", I love to hide even if it is behind my own hands. I think I am so clever and that no one can see me. WELL, even if they can see me, they act very surprised when I say 'boo"....yes, I can say boo! I also say Mamamamama and dadadadad and bubububub, I also can copy a lot of other words when they are said to me. Mummy swears I have said "Sasha" a few times and Sophie thinks I have said full sentences like......"I want a drink" and "I want to go to the park"!!!! BUT, Mummy being as clever as she is knows that Sophie is just making it up, good try though big sis! :-)

Been up to a bit of fun lately......or as Mummy calls it....mischief!!!! Love playing with the hose but really glad nobody turned it on! I am fascinated by daddy's guitars and albums and he is not happy for me to touch them at all....hmmm, not sure why!

I now weigh 9.6 kilos and my hair is growing. My eyes are still brown and quite all the girls tell me! I have just ahd my 3rd tooth make an appearance and I really hate it when they break through the gums, makes me so cranky and I much prefer being happy than does everyone around me. I'm STILL giving Mummy a hard time by waking lots and lots at night. Some nights are pretty bad but a new doctor I have been seeing has been shedding some light on why I wake so much. I may have an allergy but the doctor is not sure as to what I have an allergy to. (could be Sasha!!)I have to go see some other special doctors and I also have to go and have a big hearing test to make sure my ears are not the problem. Mummy and daddy say it is just so so lucky (for me) that I am so cute and happy otherwise they could be really mad at me for waking them up so much..........
bye for now

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