Monday, August 13, 2007

Butterfly Face

We have had a busy weekend. On Friday night our friends, "The Burns Family" came over for dinner. They are moving to Melbourne very soon and I am really going to miss my friends Angus and Molly. Melbourne is far away and I would have to take a plane to get there. I hope they will come back to visit us a lot. It was good fun playing AND I got to stay up late and watch movies with them.

On Saturday it was Nanny's birthday and we had afternoon tea AND my favourite....birthday cake. I even got to help blow the candles out There was lots of yummy food. My baby brother wasn't feeling good again (teething) and he wasn't his usual friendly self, he was a bit better after a little sleep. Cisco and Sari were there and of course Jacky boy. So many of us little people now and we all know how to make lots of noise. I'm the oldest and I help look after everybody.
On Sunday it was Lally' s (Great Grandmother) birthday and we went to a restaurant for breakfast. Dadddy couldn't come because he went on a plane in the middle of the night to the Phillipines to work. He hasn't been there before and he said he was going to bring me something special home from there!!!!! I am a little bit sad still that he is away but he will be home in 6 sleeps already. Breakfast was yummy and afterwards we went for a walk and I got my face painted!!!! I was a pink butterfly. I loved it so much I didn't want it to ever wash off.......................

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