Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is it Summer Yet????

We have had a lot of rain this winter. It was very slow to start and then all of a sudden it rained for days on end. We need a lot of rain though because Mummy says for a long time it hasn't rained enough and Australia is very very dry. We have to be very careful when we use water so we don't waste it!!

Anyway, because we have had sooooooooo much rain, on the days when it is atually sunny I think that summer must be here, but no, it just means it is a nice winters day because it is still cold (20 degrees!!!) Daddy took Luc to the beach last weekend on one of our 'nice winter's days' when I was at my friend Ebony's birthday party. Daddy said he loved it, loved the sand and the waves and especially loved trying to shovel sand into his mouth. Daddy said the beach is looking great. Yay, I can't wait till summer!!!!
Love Sophie

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Grandpa said...

Hello Sophie and Luc.
Why was Daddy trying to shovel sand into his mouth? Or was that Luc?
You must be pleased that Dadfdy has come back from overseas.
Tell hm tha Nanny and Granpa send their love.