Thursday, October 11, 2007

One year old

I'm a big one year old and so far so good....

Surprised mummy and daddy and slept through the night for 4 nights in a row....before going back to the old tricks of waking every couple of hours or so..... I have still improved dramatically and have been back to the "expert" doctors. It seems when I get teeth I always get a bad cold, sore throat and ear infection......that's why I wake so much.
Anyway all is forgiven as I am just so adorable or so I am told.

the stats at 1: (by Mummy)
weight: 10kg

height: (not much, still a shorty)

eyes/hair: beautiful and brown

teeth: 3 up top (and very spaced apart, lets hope they start moving towards each other. 3 on bottom and about 6 more wanting to make an appearance....ouch

mobility: the fastest crawling baby in the world. No interest in walking, don't really understand the fuss about walking. Likes standing and holding onto things but crawling is WAY faster!

Food: likes mostly everything. LOVES vegemite on toast. Loves tuna, rice, pasta, fish, lamb, eggs, broccoli......hmm maybe its easier to list what I don't like.....hmmm, nothing.
Drinks: Loves water and milk before bed.

Vocab: Mama,dada, baba, "sasha", dog, and a whole bunch of unidentified words that Sophie keeps asking Mummy and Daddy...."is he speaking a french word"?????

Likes: loves playing with cars and putting them all into a box nd then tkaing them all out again, can throw and catch balls...(yes, really!) Loves climbing...(hello, where did he get that from!) loves books and actually reading them and listening to the stories. Can point out dogs in books.

sleep: 2 x 1- 2 .5 hour naps a day and 12 hours at night (give or take waking sometimes 4 plus times or so!) Loves going to bed.

temperament: mostly a happy, funny laughing little man...except for the dreaded week every month when he teethes and has the ear infections and not happy to be anywhere but held all day long.

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