Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like......

It's been a busy few weeks. Christmas is coming and I am so excited. We put up our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased to report that Luc has not tried to pull it down yet. Every now and then I catch him inspecting all the decorations up close, but he has been very gentle and not pulled apart anything yet.
On December 1st we finally got to start having our "Advent Calenders". Mummy bought ours weeks ago and I was very impatient with wanting to start them. Mummy said we almost needed a "count down" calender to count down to when we could start our Advent Calenders!!!! So every morning after breakfast I get to have my little piece of chocolate and count down the days till Xmas. Mummy had to stop Luc having his after Day 4 as he became obsessed with wanting it ALL the time so now we do mine when he is not looking.
Daddy is home and we have been going to the beach a lot. Its been sunny and warm most days and I am loving being back in the ocean. I even got dumped already by the big waves!!! We have been hanging out a lot together in the backyard as well, with Luc and Mummy of course.

We had a Xmas party at our friends house last weekend. It was a hot 38 degree day and so lucky for us that they had a pool.
Us kids got lots of swimming in and then we had hotdogs on the BBQ and ice cream, yum yum!

Then, oh my big front tooth that has been wobbly for a while came out after I helped it a long with lots of tugging and pulling. Daddy said the tooth fairy pays more for big teeth and I got $5 that night. I was a bit sad I didnt see the tooth fairy again but I had been so tired from all the swimming I did all day.
Don't I look different now!!

Last week we had a half day at school and Mummy took Luc and I to see Santa. Luc cried a lot and he was scared so Mummy had to sit with us while I gave Santa the long list of things I am hoping to get for Xmas. I told him as well, just bring Luc anything, he won't mind what you give him!! I also got to post my letter to Santa. Since then I have written 6 letters to him as I am a bit concerned about how they actually get to Sanata and I really want to make sure he knows what I want!!!
We met up with Aunty Jane, Cisco and Havana and had muffins and "Baby-cino's" for morning tea. Luc loves his baby cino!!! (Cappucinos for kids they are!!!)
I'll be back soon to tell you all about my Christmas concert and also my Pre primary graduation.
Love Sophie

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