Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carols by Candlelight......Aussie style!

Last Sunday we went to the "Christmas
Carols in the park"!! It was lots of fun but a little bit chilly for this time of year. Lucky we had some jumpers and blankets to keep us warm. Also so lucky we had a blanket because Luc was frightened by the sound of the fireworks (that came on at the end of the Christmas carols) he clung to Mummy and had the blanket on his head the whole time......every now and then he would peek out and ask Mummy, "lights in the sky all gone now Mummy"..... he was so cute. Even Santa was there and it made me get really excited about Christmas. Of course Christmas has been and gone now and I'll be back later to fill you in on the Christmas action in the Belliveau house. Love Sophie

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