Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cricket boy!

I have been staring a lot lately at this square box showing a lot of green grass and men wearing white. It is called "cricket" ! My Mummy and daddy seem to really like it and I am quite often plonked down on my playmat and we all watch it. Big sister Sophie doesn't like it and she is usually off playing somewhere as she is quite busy for a 4 year old....aloways something happening for her. Not like me....laying around all the time! ...I just watch the cricket. I was there when Shane Warne got his 700th test wicket (this is apparently a big deal!), I was there when Australia beat England 5 -nil in the Ashes series...(this is an even bigger deal!) I also watched Shane Warne, Justin Langer and Glen McGraths's last ever test matches (don't know who they are and don't care all that much!).........maybe in years to come when I am a big boy, mummy and daddy will remind me I watched this. If they don't, I am sure Grandpa will.....he is REALLY into cricket!!!! He watches it all the time as well.
It was while watching cricket that I did something special and Mummy just happened to catch it on camera.....I rolled over. I started getting a little excited (about the cricket) and rolled right over onto my back and wondered how I managed to do it.....since then I have been practicing rolling a lot. Here are the pics to prove it...

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