Monday, January 22, 2007

Having fun

We have been a bit busy lately. Daddy has gone away to work and will be home in 7 more sleeps! So mummy is extra busy looking after me and Luc. My little brother is not very good at sleeping. Doesn't matter what Mummy tries....he just wants to play all day longnad all night as well. I try to help and sing him lullabys, but he just gives me his big gummy grin nad makes laughing sounds. Mummy says he is a bit of hard work at the moment but still thinks he is ever so cute and ever so clever. He had his first swim in the neighbours pool and he loved it. Today we are off to the park to play with all my friends and then after that I am going to Ella's house for a swim in her pool.....yippeeee!!!

Bye for now,
Sophie xxxx

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