Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sophie Wisdom

1. Mummy do you know what pockets are???? They are clothes with little bags in them!!!

2. Sophie: Mummy can you get my colouring book because I want to do some "colouring out".
Mummy: You mean "colouring in".
Sophie: No, I mean "colouring out". I'm not good at keeping in the lines and when you go over the lines I call it"colouring out"!

3. Sophie: Mummy, when you were a little girl, was I in your tummy!
Mummy: No, not when I was a little girl.
Sophie: Oh, so did the angels still have me then and was that when I had wings!!!!

4. Whilst driving in the car and observing street signs.... we pass a sign saying "workmen ahead and then 2 triangles"
Sophie: I just saw a sign with 2 pyramids on it. That must mean there are pyramids ahead, maybve there are camels as well?????? OR, maybe it is two tents and a family sleeping in them?????

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