Monday, June 24, 2013

Gingin Getaway

Freya, Sophie, Sofie, Libby, Max and Luc
Was just going through some photos on my phone and realised I never put any photos on the blog from our "school holiday getaway to Gingin"!! Back in April, we went to a friends farm for a couple of days and fun was had by all!! Gingin is only a 45 minute drive from our house, yet we felt like we were far, far away!!
3 mums and 6 kids and we spent the day exploring the paddocks and talking to the cows!!  The kids named all the cows and seemed to know "who was who". We made a big picnic lunch and then went out into a paddock and had a picnic with the cows!
Picnic lunch
Farmer Luc off for some exploring
The kids all chatting on the swing
Max and Luc..."being boys" making pretend guns out of sticks!
Luc and Max hanging out on the swing
time to go back home!  A stop off for a milkshake in town before we left!

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