Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy 11th birthday Sophie

Hard to believe yet Sophie turned 11 years old a couple of weeks ago!!!  Where did those years go!!  She was soooooo excited for her 11th birthday and her disco party with friends.  Once again she told me at the end of the day..."this was my best birthday ever"....yep, she says it every year!  So cute!

So there was lots of music, games were played, dance offs and an "Ocean Reef's got talent" competition...lots of fun and also very loud!!  The rainbow cake i made was a big hit and also quite easy...the kids loved it!

 Dancing and more dancing...friends having fun!

Sadie the wonder puppy getting some love from the party guests as well.....

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Grandpa and Nanny. said...

Great photos.
Sophie has become a beautiful girl with no airs and graces just gracefulness and charm.
Luc, of course is her favourite brother.
looks like agreat time wss had by all at the party and at Dongara.
grandpa and nanny.