Monday, September 26, 2005

Am I 3 today Mummy???

Yes as the title states, this is my favourite thing to ask Mummy. I ask her in the morning when I wake up but she always says "not today Sophie". Then I say, "How come", which by the way is another thing I like to say a lot. I am so excited about my birthday I tell everybody. I told my swimming teacher, I tell Julie my day care lady, I tell Nanny and Grandpa, I even tell Sasha and baby Jack (but I don't think they are as excited as me because Sasha is just a dog and Jack is a little baby and he just smiles all day long anyway. He is the smiliest baby ever. I think he must get a sore face from all that smiling. Mummy said when I was a baby like Jack I didn't even smile as much as him. I think it is because he is so happy that he has me for a cousin it makes him so happy and makes him want to smile all day long. When I was a baby I didn't have baby Jack as my cousin yet so maybe that's why I didn't smile as much.

Ok, so, where was I.....oh yeah, my birthday again. Mummy thinks I need to just enjoy being 2 because I am only going to be 2 for one more month and that it will go fast if I keep talking about it ALL the time......I just can't help it.

On the weekend Angus and Molly stayed over at our house. We had a sleep over and it was lots of fun. We played all day long and had icy poles on the slide. The we had fish and chips for tea and a big bubble bath and then when we went to bed, Angus slept on the floor in my room and Daddy made us laugh when he put us to bed. He kept banging his head on the door and pretending it really hurt. It doesn't hurt though, he is just really really funny and we laughed and laughed and laughed so much and Angus said that MY daddy is so funny!!!!

Love Sophie

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