Friday, September 16, 2005

The Wiggles

Today I am going to see The Wiggles. I am so excited. I was so excited I woke up at 5.20am and told Mummy we needed to get ready for the Wiggles. Mummy did not seem too impressed at my early rising. It is now only 6.45am and I have already had 3 breakfasts. I have eaten 2 bowls of cereal (different cereals) and some toast and vegemite. After eating I said, "Are we getting dressed now for the Wiggles", and Mummy said, "No, it is too early". So then I said it again and again and again. Mummy just keeps saying, "No Sophie", I will tell you when it is time. Not only are we going to the Wiggles, we are also going out for lunch first with all of my friends. We are going to Hungry Jacks (Australia's Burger King). I have never been there before but I can see they have slides to play on and Mummy says they make chips (fries). My response to that was......and sauce Mummy. Do they have sauce???? (Ketchup) Sometimes I think I prefer sauce to chips.
So, have I mentioned I am going to the Wiggles today?? Have I told you how excited I am?? My favourite is the yellow Wiggle. He wears a yellow shirt so he is my favourite. Mummy is not as excited as me. You see, her football team is playing in a final today and she is very upset that she won't be able to watch it. The game starts the same time as we see The Wiggles. I like to watch football as well and I know how to cheer for our team, but who would want to stay home and watch football when we could be going to see The Wiggles with about 15,000 other little people just like me. Mummy tried to even get Daddy to take me, but he said something alomg the lines of...."No way and you have got to be joking"!!! I don't think Mummy was joking, because she wasn't laughing!!!
Hey, guess what! I am going to see The Wiggles today...did I tell you yet??? Ok, Ok, I am still only 2 and it is my right to talk as much as I want and say the same things over and over again and also because I am 2 (nearly 3!!) I can get as excited as I want.
PS" What is a "mosh pit"!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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