Monday, May 02, 2005

Baby Jack Arrived

OK, where do I start. So much has been going on in my busy life, I will try to remember it is some of it.....

1. I have a brand new baby cousin. His name is Jack Darcy and was born on 18th April and is very very very cute...(just like me!) He came out of Aunty Emily's belly, (yes, I am not sure about that one either!!) I love to go and visit him and I have seen him have his bath and his nappy changed which I find very fascinating. I am also allowed to hold him but I have to be very careful and there has to always be a grown up sitting next to me. So now I have 2 boy cousins, one older and one younger. I am a lucky girl...(so Mummy keeps telling me!!)

2. Maryse and Dan have gone back to Canada. They went on a big plane like the one I have been on before. I am sad that they have gone as I miss them a lot because I liked to play with them and they made me giggle.

3. I turned 2 and a half years old (april 29th) and am getting so big. I weigh 12 kilos am 84 cm tall and have a size 6 shoe. I go on the big toilet every single time and never have any accidents!!!! I own 3 pairs of Nemo knickers and 4 pairs with Mickey mouse on them but the Nemo ones are my favourite!!! My favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognaise but I will also eat whatever is put in front of me, I just get more excited when it is spaghetti. I LOVE to eat green stuffed olives and I like to snack on seaweed rice crackers. I love to play with my babies and take them for walks, put them to bed and feed them and change their nappies. When I am shopping for groceries with Mummy, I am allowed to pick out my own apple from the fruit is my special treat!!
I like to watch cartoons and do drawings of Sasha, Mummy and Daddy. I know my full name is SOPHIE EMMA BELLIVEAU and I live in Heathridge. I know that Memere and Pepere live in Canada and I remember playing in the pool with them. I like to play with Sasha and boss her around a lot which Mummy and Daddy say is not very nice. I go to church every Sunday with Nanny and Grandpa and I am always a very good girl.

I know that this Sunday is Mother's Day and that I am supposed to remind daddy because he is not very good at remembering things like that....( so Mummy says!!!)
Anyway, today I have playgroup with my friends and I can't wait to see them. I hope I get to wear my new pink boots!!!

Lots of love

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