Sunday, May 22, 2005

Big Girl Bed

OK so you thought I was a big girl when I started not neeeding to wear nappies any more!!!! Well, that is nothing compared to this!!! I sleep in a bed now and not in the cot!!!!! In fact, I have a whole new bedroom and it is so beautiful!! Daddy painted it green and mauve and Mummy put "strawberry shortcake" pictures on the walls which are just like the ones in my room in Canada at Memere and Pepere's house. I have a big bed and a nice big blanket on it that is lots of different colours and has butterflies and sunflowers and bees on it. So anyway, I was so excited when I got home from church yesterday because my brand new room was ready. I jumped on the bed for about 15 minutes and then told Mummy that I was tired and needed my nap!!!!!! After she got herself off the floor from shock that I be the one to suggest my day time sleep she let me climb into my own bed and I went to sleep for 2 straight hours!!!!!! Then last night I could hardly wait for 7.30pm to go to bed. Wow, being a big girl is SO much fun! It is now the morning time....(I know that because the sun is out!!!) So I slept all night long and woke up at 6.55am which Mummy calls a "reasonable time"!! Mummy was so pleased I actually didn't fall out of bed and she is also surprised I actually slept through all the noise Daddy made when he got up and got ready for work at 5am!!! :-)

Also, I forgot to tell you about my excursion last week at Julie's house. I went on a big green bus for a ride and then we took it to the bus wash. I got a little bit scared when the bus driver told Julie I had to move because I was standing near the door and might get wet and I heard him so that made me want to go home! Then Ella (my best friend in the whole world!!) sat next to me on the back seat and we watched and sang songs......"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round......" it was great fun!

Well I am sure Mummy has another busy and exciting day planned for me today so I better go and get myself....oh yeah, have I told you I am a big girl yet?

Love Sophie

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