Friday, July 08, 2005

Trip to Sydney

WOW, Mummy has been so slack and not been updating you on my daily antics for such a long time!!! I am very sorry about that but she is pretty busy you know and it is hard for her to remember everything I am doing now as I am just doing so much.

Mummy and I went on a big plane to Sydney to visit our friends Jill, Paul, Tyler, Jaydan and Keira. I LOVED being on the plane again and my favourite thing to play with is still the seatbelt...oh yeah, and pressing the buttons so the lady comes over to ask Mummy what she wants....then Mummy has to say, "Sorry, Sophie accidently pressed your buttons". Mummy said the first time was an accident but the next 6 times were naughty and the man driving the plane, I think his name is Pilot might turn the plane around and take us home!!!! In Sydney I had good fun playing with my new friends and we went to Taronga Zoo. We caught a ferry across Sydney harbour and saw the Opera house and the Harbour bridge...(big deal I say....where are the animals!!) We then had to catch a little car that took us into the sky and dropped us out at the top of the sky where the Zoo was ( Mummy said it was called a gondola!!!) We spent all day walking around and looking at the animals...they had gorilla's and tigers and lions and rhinos' but no elephants because they went on holiday to visit another zoo! I had a really good timebut was very happy to come home and see "my daddy" again!

Then I got a very bad cold and feel very well at all. I just wanted Mummy to cuddle me all day long and that made me feel better. I only felt sick for a few days but I couldn't go to swimming lessons or to Julie's house but I wasn't sad about that because I didn't feel like playing anyway!

Not sure if I have told you that I graduated from the "water babies"class at swimming lessons to the "Kindergarten class". So now mummy and daddy don't come in the water with me and the teacher shows me how to swim. At first I didn't like that mummy and daddy weren't in the water and I cried and cried and cried but last week I was a champion and didn't cry once and I even like Bridget (my teacher ) now. I got another certificate because I can swim solo now with floaties on. Now I can't wait to go to swimming again!!!

Today we are going to clean the house....(mummy's idea, definately not mine and apparently I take after daddy in the "making a mess" department)...but Mummy says I am young enough to change and she is really working on me becuase then she said I can also help her "work" on daddy and we can make him clean up his things as well!!!

Love Sophie

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