Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I just came home from Julie's house which is where I go for my daycare and I can now say a new sentence. The sentence is "I don't want to"!!!! I have only been home for 2 hours and I have practised saying "I don't want to" at least 20 times. In fact the minute Mummy or Daddy ask me anything I just say "I don't want to". It seems to get a fair bit of attention but I think Mummy and Daddy are getting tired of hearing it.......oh well, repetition is what us 2 year olds are into!!!!!
Tomorrow I go to Nanny and Grandpa's house while Mummy and Daddy go to work. No doubt I will be able to say "I dont want to" to them as well and see what their reaction will be!!! They will probably take me to the beach so that will be fun.
I have to go and have a bath now.....yippeee, I love having baths!!!
PS: Hey, but the way....WHO is the Easter Bunny and why are all my friends talking about him?????

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