Monday, March 14, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PEPERE!!!!! It's Pepere's birthday today and I hope he has a great day and that he get's a birthday cake so that he can blow out all the candles......not sure how many he has but I bet you it is more than 2 because that is how many I had on my "Nemo" birthday cake when it was my birthday. Oh, I also hope that he gets some good presents and lots of toys (because that is what I would like if it were my birthday!!!!)
I have something very important to tell you all........(stop reading if you don't like talking about poos and wees!!!!) I have been doing poos on the potty all the time now for at least a week. I mean I was doing it before but sometimes I would forget and sometimes I would wait for my nappy to go on because I wasn't really sure about doing it on the potty, but anyway, now I am so clever at it I go on the potty all the time and have had no accidents at all.
I have been helping Mummy today. First I helped with doing the grocery shopping and I might add that I am very good at shopping and if I am really good I get to eat an apple while I wait in the trolley. Today when Mummy was looking for some steak a lady walked past my trolley and said to another lady, "Hello Lorraine" and I copied her and said" Hello Lorraine" as well to the lady and she thought that was very funny.....I am not really sure why, but she called me a "cheeky monkey".
This afternoon I have been helping Mummy make dinner. I get to eat carrots when she chops them and I also get to stir the gravy. Mmmmm we are having Roast Chicken with vegetables. Yum Yum.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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