Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have had my very first hair cut. It was quite the experience and very frightening I must say. Mummy had been telling me what was going to happen and I was quite excited about it.......until....we walked in the hairdressers and I saw a lady with a pair of scissors cutting hair off a lady's head and I thought to myself....there is no way that lady is doing that to me!!!! I mean, is that even safe, I know I am not allowed to use scissors and my 2 year old instincts made me think it was not going to be a fun experience. So, I cried and cried and cried and cried as loud and as best as I know how. I cried so much we had to walk out of the shop and into a shop that sells chocolate frogs and jelly snakes (my favourite treats) (By the way mum, I have figured out how bribery works!!!!!) I even got one of each (wow) and stopped crying only long enough to gobble them both up and started howling again once we re entered the hairdressers and the lady with the scissors said to mummy, "maybe if she sits on your knee's she will stop crying" and Mummy said, " we can do that but no, she will only stop crying if we leave". That's my mum, she is so clever and even knows me better than I know myself!!!! As she was right and I would not stop crying and then Mummy said, if you sit still and stop crying Mummy has a special new toy that you can have when we get home....ooohhh I thought she really is pulling out all the tricks and bribes for me to stop crying and I thought about is for a few seconds in between deep sobs....meanwhile scissors lady had already chopped off my lovely locks from the back. I have to say it really was all over in a matter of minutes and I look really really grown up and my new bob style really suits me. I kept admiring myself in the mirror and then it was time to leave......oh yeah, and get my new toy!!! So then we went to show Nanny and Grandpa my new look and they were very impressed and I heard Mummy tell Nanny and Grandpa that that is the last hair cut I have for a very very very long time because it was a torturous (what does that mean????) experience for her and everyone else in the hairdresser's shop. Anyway, that is OK as I am going to grow my hair long now, just like Mummy's!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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