Monday, February 21, 2005

I am so clever because I received my first swimming certificate last Friday at swimming lessons. The certificate was given to me because I am able to climb out of the pool all by myself with no one helping me at all. Mummy put the certificate on the fridge and everybody that come over gets to see it and tell me again how clever I am. I LOVE swimming lessons and almost everyday I ask mummy when I wake up if I am going to swimming lessons and she always says, not today, on Friday. Friday usually takes a really long time to come around as it seems a long time to wait.
Tomorrow I am going to Julie's house as that is my day care. I love going to Julie's house as I play all day long with my friend's Ella, Will and Casey. We do paintings and drawings and we dress up in funny clothes. We all have a sleep after lunch in the playroom and we all lie next to each other and Ella always makes me laugh when we are supposed to be sleeping and then Julie always says, "eyes closed please" and we do it but only because she says please.
Love Sophie

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