Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hello again. Well, I am one month older since my last journal entry. Mummy was unable to use the computer due to some technical difficulties, but now I am back to tell you all my news. The biggest news is that I have just come home from a holiday on Rottnest Island, ( an Island 11 km's off the coast of Western Australia....for all my non Aussie readers!!!)I went with Mummy and Daddy but Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty Jane and Aunty Em and Uncle Carl were there as well and I had lots of fun. We had to get there by boat and that was my first trip on a big boat. We stayed in a little chalet and we went to the beach everyday. Daddy even buried me in the sand with only my head sticking out. That was pretty funny because I couldn't see my I kept saying, "Daddy, have you seen Sophie's legs???" and Daddy would say, "No, I can't find them" and then I would laugh a lot because it was very funny.

I did lots of bike riding as well on Rottnest Island, actually daddy does all the riding and I sit on the back in my own special seat. Daddy can ride very, very fast and sometimes I give him a running commentary about all the things I can see along the way, like, trees, dogs, other bikes, babies in prams, colours of cars etc.........but sometimes he goes so fast everything is just one big blur. I also liked to go to find quokkas, these are a little animal like a very small kangaroo and they come out in the afternoon and they are very friendly. Everyone would take turns to take me out to find some and I asked about 100 times if we could go to find them.

So now I am back at home and Daddy had to go to work again this morning on the plane. I am a bit sad about that but Dan and Maryse are here to play with, so that is good fun. Tomorrow all my friends are coming over to play and I just can't wait, a brand new baby is coming as well because Haileys Mummy had a new baby and it came from her belly. ( I know this because her belly was very big and then she had the baby and the belly went away!!!)

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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