Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saturday and other stuff!!

I have lots to say today because I have not been able to update you as our computer had broken down and Mummy didn't know how to fix it. Anyway, it is all better now and got fixed on Saturday. We had to stay home ALL day!! I don't remember doing that in a very long time. I mean we can stay home for most of the day but we usually at least walk to the park or go to the shops, but no, we didn't do any of that. We had to stay home because the man that had to fix the computer could not give an exact time when he would be here. He told Mummy it would be between 7am and 5pm!!!!! He turned up at 5.40pm! Mummy did not seem too impressed!

So Saturday was spent, painting, playing with my dolls house, playdough, riding my bike, reading, more painting, drawing, watching a movie...oh yeah, we also baby sat baby jack for a couple of hours! In the afternoon I had a picnic with my "friends" (toys) at the front door. Yes, it HAD to be at the front door. Mummy kept trying to move me but my "friends" like to sit at the front door and have their cup of tea. Later on I realised it was not such a good idea because I tripped on one of the tea cups and hurt my ankle and a big bruise appeared. Mummy said we needed to put ice on it and I cried and said no. Then Mummy suggested a great idea of putting a popsicle on it. This was a really great idea because after it went on my ankle for about 10 seconds I ate the popsicle.......thought that maybe next time I want a popsicle pretend to hurt my ankle!!!!! I tried it and hour later and got knocked back. (how come mum's are so smart!!!)

Daddy rang before bed and I told him all about my day. He said he is in the middle of the ocean on the other side of Australia!!! Wow, that is far away but not as far as Canada because he only went on 1 plane to get there.

Bye Bye,
Love Sophie

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Yazan said...

heys Sophie.. aren't ya the cutest thing... and u got the most amazing blog i've seen in a while...