Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not very well.....but better now!

Bonjour, (warning: graphic details below may offend those with weak stomachs!!)
Well, a new thing happened to me this week. What new thing you may ask as because I am now 3 there is not much that I haven't done...ha, ha!! I was sick, really sick, throwing up sick (that was the new thing!) In my 3 short years of life I had never thrown up before!!!! I was very scared because I thought my insides were all going to fall out... Mummy came to pick me up from Julies house on Wednesday afternoon and just as Julie was telling Mummy I had been very quiet since I woke up from my afternoon nap......up came everything from my tummy!!!! How frightening. It went everywhere...all over Mummy, me and Julie's nice clean floor. So home we went and after a bath I sat and watched a movie but had to do more throwing up over and over again. I went to bed but didn't sleep long as there was still more throwing up to do.....poor Mummy didnt sleep either because she had to keep changing my pajamas and sheets on my bed. The next day I slept a lot and Mummy didn't go to work so she was able to stay home with me all day. By the afternoon I felt much better and was able to keep some water down and now I am feeling back to my normal happy self again. Oh yeah, my baby was sick to, just like me. I had to keep changing her clothes as well but she is all better now as well.

Today Daddy took me to the is still too cold to swim but I liked running up and down the sand. Then we went to the shops and Daddy bought a hat so now he is like me because you have to wear your hat when you play outside...that is one of Mummy and Daddy's rules!!!

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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