Saturday, November 19, 2005

Here comes Summer!!

I had a very busy day yesterday. I went for a long walk with Mummy and Sasha and we stopped at the park for a while so " new baby" and I could go on the slide. Baby was a bit scared but I told her she doesn't need to cry and then I helped her go down the slide. She was having a great time until I accidently pushed her off the top of the slide and she landed in the sand, after that she wanted to go home. Luckily nothing was broken on her!!!!

It got very , very hot and when we came home Mummy said I could have a little ice cream and then go in the pool...yippeee...this is the best day ever!!! Mummy talked to Memere on the phone and when Mummy got off the phone, I asked if Memere was going in her pool as well and she told me it was getting cold where Memere and Pepere live and soon it will snow. WOW, they are so lucky. I saw snow on Sesame Street and I want to play in it!!! After that my pool filled up and I played for a little while, then Emily brought Jack-ee-boy (that what I call him!) over and he had his first ever swim in the pool and he loved it and he was so cute splashing his little legs and trying to drink the water.

When Daddy came home we went to Hillarys Marina for tea. We had fish and chippies and Daddy and Mummy had chilli mussels!!! Not me, I didn't eat them, they didn't look good to me. Then we all got an ice cream (did I mention this was the best day ever!!!!) and I ran after the birds and did some "kid watching", one of my favourite pastimes!!! Then we came home. Lots of fun and I can't wait to go in the pool again.
Love Sophie

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