Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby and Me

I am loving my new baby that I got for my 3rd birthday. Oh, did I tell you I am 3 now!!!!I think I did maybe once or twice!!! My baby goes everywhere with me, to bed, to watch a movie, down the slide, on the swing, to do grocery shopping, to swimming lessons, (she even claps for me!!), she has pajamas and a dummy and also a going out outfit and a beautiful dress. I change her nappy when she does wees and poos and I feed her her bottle and sometimes I feed her broccoli and carrots (cos, thats what Jack eats as well!!)
I take her for walks in her pram and she loves that the best. Last week she was sick, like me. Like I said she does EVERYTHING with me and I love her so much. She is my favourite baby, because I actually have 4!!! Their names are ......Little baby (because she is the littlest), big baby (because she is bigger than little baby), church baby (because she is the one that goes to church with me) and new baby (my favourite because she is new although she is bigger than big baby, I couldn't call her "bigger" baby because that would just be so silly and Mummy sais she may get an eating disorder and we don't want that!!!) . Sometimes people stop me in the shops and say, "hello little girl, whats your babies name?". I say "BABY" and then I look at Mummy and we think to ourselves.....some people are just silly billy's!!!! (well, I think that is what she thinks!!!!)
Love Sophie

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