Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kings Park

Yesteray was such a beautiful sunny day.....not hot and not cold. We went for a picnic in Kings Park. In case you didn't know, Kings Park is the biggest park in all of Perth and there is so much to do there. Lots of people were at the picnic but mostly people that are related to me and my Grandpa as it was like a reunion (whatever does that mean!!) Although Grandpa wasn't able to come because he is working along way away. It was good fun and Mummy took me to the playground but there were too many bigger kids and they were being very noisy and I told Mummy to tell the "other children" to go home!!!! Mummy just laughed and said, we can't do that because everybody has to share the park, but I did notice her giving the bigger louder older boys "the look"!!!! Have you seen my mummy's "look"???? whoa...she means serious business when "the look" comes out. So I only got one go on the slide as the naughty other children were playing some kind of game and running all over it.

We had a yummy lunch of scallop cakes, asparagus, olives, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and some little chocolate muffins. Not really your typical 3 year olds lunch but as you know I can eat anything especially olives! Yum Yum!! Aunty Kathleen (grandpa's sister) had a special treat for me, it was a chocolate frog and it was very yummy!

Baby Jack was not happy at the picnic. I have not seen Baby Jack cry very much in his short 6 months of life but he was really really sad. I thought to myself maybe he is sad because he wanted to go on the slide like me, (because I would cry and be sad about that it that were me) but then I heard Aunty Emily tell Mummy he had a little sharp tooth poke through his little gums and then I felt sad for him....because I remember those days. Ouch, getting teeth, that is really not fun. So I went and had a little chat with him and said, don't worry, soon you will have all your teeth and even though you like your food now, you are really going to love steak and for that you need your teeth. I think he felt much better after that because he tried to grab my face and chomp on my nose (probably wanted to try his new tooth out!)

So, here is a picture of me just after I had my little chat with Jack and munching on my chocolate muffin. Also some more pictures of me in the park. Isn't my baby beautiful.....she goes with me everywhere as well.

Lots of Love

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