Friday, November 04, 2005

Life back to normal as I know it!

I have had a fairly normal week! That is no one giving me presents, no one talking about "what a big girl I am now", normal as in having to make a REAL effort to clean up my toys after I have played with them....(dont like cleaning up!!!.....just like Daddy , mummy says!!) Looks like life just goes on like it did before when I was 2!!

On Monday morning Mummy and I went for a big long walk in the pram and went to visit Lally. I checked Lally's letterbox for letters for her and there was one for me again, (it has 3 little lollies in it and I am starting to think Lally puts it there for me!!!) after that we walked back home but stopped at the park on the way and I had a play.

On Tuesday we had playgroup but only 2 of my friends were there, the others were all away and also it was a very big day here in Australia, it was Melbourne Cup Day!!!!! The whole country stops at 12pm to watch a horse race and people put money on the horse they want to win. So, we went to watch it with Nanny and Emily and Jack on TV. I even had a horse. Mummy showed me the paper with all the horses to choose and I chose the one wearing pink...(I know how to pick them) horse came last!!! I liked watching the horse race, they showed it over and over again and even later that night it came on again.....Mummy said it is because it is a very important race.

On Wednesday I went to Julies's house. She looks after me when Mummy goes to work. Will, Casey and Oliver are there as well and we love playing together. We do dress ups and play with the babies and the train set and we also play outside in the sandpit and water trough. Julie even has a slide and swings at her house!!!

On Thursday I went to Nanny's house. Grandpa is away at work at the moment. (he went on a plane to work like Daddy does! Nanny and I play in the garden and I make her cups of tea from my tea set and we play soccer outside. Emily and Jacky-boy (thats what I call Jack!) come and visit us. After lunch I have my sleep and then Mummy comes to pick me up.

On Friday I had swimming lessons and Daddy and Mummy took me. I am doing very well at my lessons. I can swim up and down the pool with my floaties on and do big kicks with my legs.
After that we had to take Daddy to the airport because that's where the planes live and he had to go on one to get to work. He is only going for 2 sleeps......

Today is Saturday and I am not sure what Mummy has planned for me today. Yesterday she said we were going to go for a big walk along the beach and stop at the park, but something tells me she wont really want to walk in the rain and it looks very windy outside. I'm going to hint that maybe we could go to the library and get new books for me to read. I love going to the library because we always sit and read some stories in the big comfy chairs before we go home. OK, going to go and find Mummy and tell her about my good idea.
Love Sophie

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